5 Best Dog Beds for Winter 2024 Australia

5 Best Dog Beds for Winter 2024 Australia

Did you ever ponder how much of a dog's life is spent in slumber? Believe it or not, our dogs can clock in up to 13 hours of shut-eye a day! It might sound like the ideal life, but ensuring their snooze time is comfy is crucial. Selecting the perfect dog bed for winter goes beyond just matching your decor's colour scheme or pattern.

To help you find the ultimate resting place for your four-legged friend, we've curated a selection of top-notch dog beds for winter. From snug options for small breeds to cozy spacious havens for larger canines, we've got something for every furry friend in between their walkies and playful tail-chasing adventures. Plus all Australian Made. 

Our Pick - The 5 Best Dog Beds for Winter 2024

Best Calming Dog Bed

The Calming Cuddler from Snooza

The Australian Made Cuddler  is the perfect bed to calm and relax your pet. Super soft long pile vegan faux fur paired with soft raised walls and a deep sleeping area provide the ultimate retreat for anxious pets and those that relish the feeling of safety and security. The Cuddler invites hours of delicious snoozing and is fully machine washable (even the filling!).

Features removable, replaceable and washable covers on both the outer ring and cushion. Filled with EcoFresh™, our Australian Foam and recycled PET fibre mix, zippered access to the inner liners means you can top up your filling if you ever need to or make use of our Laundry Bag if your complete Cuddler doesn't fit your washing machine.


Best Cave Dog Bed

Fur King Ultimate Orthopaedic Dog Cave Bed 

This is Australia’s first orthopaedic cave bed. Featuring 10 cm of luxurious orthopaedic memory foam. The cover is a combination of two-tone short fleece and faux suede. The cover can be easily removed using the zips for cleaning.

We have also included a waterproof lining which covers the foam in case of accidents. The cover can either be left down for your dog to snuggle into or placed in the upright position using the included rods.

This bed measures 80 cm so is suitable for small and medium sized dogs.

Why should you buy from us?

  • 10 cm of memory foam
  • Two-tone short fleece cover
  • Waterproof lining
  • We send the bed the next business day
  • We are 100% Australian owned, so you can support a local business
  • Covers can be unzipped for easy cleaning of the bed
  • Bed is machine washable
  • Orthopaedic Bed can help relieve muscle and joint pain in dogs
  • Top cover provides feeling of security

Best Snuggle Dog Bed

Calming Hoodie Cuddler Bliss Dog Bed

The Hoodie Cuddler is specially designed for dogs who like to burrow. Calming and comforting in luxurious long pile faux-fur, this new hooded-style bed has a cave-style pocket and is perfect for nestling, snuggling pets or those with anxiety. Its cosy hooded cover is soft and lined with faux-fur all the way through, is designed to stay up, and creates a deep, calming space for your pet. Dogs love to scratch, turn and settle into a curled up position, feeling supported and secure.

The cover is removable, and the cushion and bolster walls are filled with EcoFresh™, made from recycled PET drink bottles, and is fully machine washable along with the cover, making it durable and kind to the planet by reducing landfill! The EcoFresh™ is refillable too, and the bed also comes with our Snooza Repair Service should it ever be needed. 

Best Anti-allergen Dog Bed

Ultra Comfort Lounge

This luxurious and supportive bed, the Ultra Comfort Lounge, features a calming, extra-soft ruffled faux-fur sleeping area surrounded by low-rise bolster walls. The non-slip bed base is made of anti-allergen Australian orthopaedic foam, which disperses the weight of your pet evenly, supportive of joints and hips, and is topped with a soft, fibre-filled cushion for extra comfort. The low surrounding bolsters make it easy to access the bed, and provide a resting place for the head and paws. This bed is good for sprawlers or those that like to curl up and nest a little too.

Covers are fully removable, replaceable and machine washable. The fibre-filled bolsters and cushion are also washable and refillable, made from SnoozaFill, a blend of recycled PET drink bottles and Australian foam crumb.

Best Washable Dog Bed

Cuddler Chinchilla

The Australian Made (faux) Chinchilla Cuddler invites hours of delicious snoozing for your dog to snuggle, cuddle, curl or stretch. Finished in the plushest grey-toned faux fur the soft outer walls protect and cocoon while the removable cushion is filled with just enough EcoFresh™ for those pets who like to nest. Features non-slip base and removable and washable covers on both the outer ring and cushion. Zippered access to the EcoFresh™* filled inners means you can top up your filling if you ever need to or make use of our Laundry Bag if your complete Cuddler doesn't fit your washing machine.

What kind of beds are best for dogs?

The best bed for your dog depend on factors such as their size, age and sleeping habits. For larger breeds or senior dogs with joint issues, orthopaedic beds with memory foam or supportive padding can offer comfort and relief.

Dogs who like to curl up may prefer bolster or donut-style beds, while those who stretch out might enjoy flat or pillow-style beds.

Additionally, beds with removable, machine-washable covers made from breathable fabrics like cotton or canvas are ideal for maintaining hygiene and comfort.


And of course the most important thing to stay warm this winter? Lot's of furry cuddles of course!

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