A Quick Guide to 5 Nutrients Dogs Need & Easy Ways to Add to Your Dogs Diet

A Quick Guide to 5 Nutrients Dogs Need & Easy Ways to Add to Your Dogs Diet

Dog supplements and vitamins combined with healthy dog food diet are great way to ensure your dog is meeting all their nutritional needs and requirements.

Supplements are also great for dogs with health concerns, allergies or if your looking target specific health benefits such as joints, tummies or skin & coat

Here are 5 top ingredients to look for from fresh foods or supplements for your dog;

Joint & Calcium Support

Vitamins and minerals for dogs that support their bones, teeth and joints are among the most important from those early puppy dags through to senior years. When they are young and their bones and teeth are just developing, calcium is an important mineral in ensuring your dog grows up strong and healthy. As dogs grow older, some dogs may put more stress and strain on their joints, and many will end up with various joint issues or dental issues. Getting the right amount calcium, omega 3 & 6 and multiple vitamins is vital in daily maintenance. For a convenient way to add these to your dogs every day meals try our Active Meal Booster supplement

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Glucosamine will help to ease joint pain and improve your dog's arthritis. Glucosamine will help to provide cartridge nutrition to help your dog's joint function & mobility. One of the great things of using glucosamine supplements for your dog, is that it is a natural substance which is already found in your pet. Our Joints Booster Supplement is ideal in adding glucosamine, Omega 3 for joint pain, as well as Vitamin B folate for bone support.


Probiotics are friendly bacteria. Dogs and animals have billions of them in their stomach to help fight infections, make the immune system stronger, help digest food, and make vitamins and nutrients. Natural probiotic foods are a great addition for gut maintenance plus a fantastic supplement to boost nutrient absorption especially if your dog is on antibiotics. 

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It is a common myth about dogs that they are carnivores only, when in fact, they are omnivores that eat a mixture of meat protein and plant matter in the wild. The roughage and plant matter that they consume provides an important source of fibre for dogs, which helps to balance their diet, keep their digestive system moving, and enhance the energy and nutrients that come from the meat part of their meals. 


Omega 3, 6 & 9

Essential to all-body health, Omega, 3, 6, and 9 Oil Supplement is designed to ensure that your dog is receiving optimal level of omega fatty acids in their diet.

Suitable for dogs of all sizes Omega Oil is convenient supplement that supports skin and coat health (while also minimising skin odour), digestive health, and joint health. Aiding in healthy weight management, omega fatty acids are also essential to the health of your pet’s heart, brain, and liver.

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