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with a whole lotta TLC & formulated with our in house pet nutrition expert, at Naked Munch each and every product is carefully curated for its nutritional benefits and holistic wellness. We use only the best Australian human grade ingredients to ensure taste and nutrition in each and every bite. Paired with an extensive range of fun enrichment, slow feeders and toys, Naked Munch brings you the very best products for all Aussie dogs

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More than just raw freshness, Petzyo fresh patties are designed for optimum canine nutrition based on the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) model of raw feeding. Each of their raw flavours' are carefully selected ingredients offering a natural and balanced diet consisting of fresh organs and bones, whole grains, fruit & veggies, oils, herbs, spices and superfoods.


Snooza Winter Cuddler Beds

New from Snooza - These beds feature technology that insulates heat to keep your pet warmer this winter, and are expected to sell out quick!