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Naked Munch

Roo Ears | 4 pack

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Why feed fur? 

Fur is a great source of fibre and aids in good digestive health in the following ways:

  • Brushes its way through the digestive tract, thereby cleaning away any food built up over time
  • Cleaning away food build up, reduces the likelihood of a sluggish digestive system. A sluggish digestive system can become a breeding ground for yeasts and other fungi
  • Cleansing the digestive tract, aids the body in absorbing nutrients;
  • Helping prevent worms by brushing away worms and eggs in the digestive system
  • Helping to keep teeth clean - fur is a part of a dog’s natural toothbrush – it polishes their teeth
  • Being a great source of fibre. Fibre bulks up poop – to naturally express the anal gland, poop needs to be firm enough to press against the anal glands as it passes through

Each ear is approx 15g and 8cm-12cm