How To Transition Your Dog To A Raw Food Diet

How To Transition Your Dog To A Raw Food Diet



dog eating fresh meat and vegetables

Making the switch to homemade meals for your furry friend isn't a one-size-fits-all adventure. While some pups dive into fresh food like it's a backyard bone bonanza, others might need a bit more coaxing. And that's okay!

Both enthusiastic eaters and finicky friends are completely normal. The key is to navigate the transition with patience and understanding, adapting the pace to your dog's unique tummy and temperament.

Ready for a Bold Bite?

If your dog's a born adventurer with a nose for fresh flavours, a "cold turkey" switch might just work. Go on, dive straight in with a variety of pre-made raw meals with gusto! But remember, even the most enthusiastic iron gut explorers can benefit from a slower approach.

The Gut Garden Needs Tending:

For pups shifting from processed diets, there's a hidden world brewing inside them – the gut microbiome. This colony of friendly bacteria needs time to adjust to the new feast. Don't worry, their adaptability is amazing, and it will help them bloom!

Starting with easy whole food boosters is a great way to add a boost of nutrition on the occasions fresh food is not always available 

Start Small, Grow Big:

Slow and steady wins the digestive race. Begin with simple offerings like plain muscle meat – think chicken thighs or kangaroo. Try Vets Natural Complete Mix which is a great way to get started and save time. If they're happy campers, slowly introduce other ingredients throughout the week, building their confidence for their new mealtimes. You'll be quite surprised what your dog will love such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, beans, zucchinis, spinach and apple. 

Vets All Natural Complete Mix for dogs

Organ Meats – A Delicate Treat:

Hold off on those nutrient-packed organ meats until your dog's comfortably cruising on fresh food. Then, introduce them in small doses, savouring the added benefits.

Want to keep you hands out of the raw stuff? There is so many fantastic pre-made raw food options ready to be delivered straight to your door. We love the Raw Royalty from Petzyo with a mix for every pooch and over 400 five star reviews from Aussie dog owners. 


Petzyo Raw Royalty fresh food for dogs


The Fussy Eaters' Club:

For the more discerning palates, a gentle blend in a kitchen blender is the way to go. Mix a small amount of the new recipe with their usual kibble, gradually increasing the fresh food portion as they get used to the new flavours. Repeat this delicious dance until their bowl overflows with only homemade goodness.


Smoothing the Road to Fresh Feasts:

Want to give your dog's digestion a helping paw? Try these tricks:

    • Bone broth: Warm their belly with this gut-soothing elixir.
    • Pumpkin power: Add a spoonful of cooked pumpkin for natural tummy-taming.
    • Gentle Searing: Ease them into the fresh flavours with a quick sear, gradually reducing the cooking time.

Ready for the Big Leagues?

Remember, transitioning to a homemade diet is a journey, not a race. Take it at your dog's pace, celebrate the small victories, and indulge in the joy of nourishing them with fresh, flavourful goodness. Soon, your pup will be wagging their tail at every homemade bowl!




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