Meet Us

Hey there, fellow fur parents! Thank you so much for dropping by Naked Munch for a sniff. Though Tilly is known as our rescue pup, it never fails to amaze me and my husband, Shane, the amount of face-licking, cuddle-demanding love that she’s brought into our household.

 pictures of Tilly Devine at homepicture of Tilly Devine at the dog park with another dog friendpicture of Tilly Devine and her Dad Shane both wearing matching plaid shirtspicture of Tilly Devine with her mum outside at the park giving kisses

She’s been my sidekick for just over 10 years now and adventures everywhere possible with us. At home, Tilly is my honorary ‘office manager’ and has a cosy dog bed on my office desk – yep, you read that right, ON the desk. No such thing as “absence makes the heart grow fonder” when it comes to our cheeky girl Tilly. I’m sure she’d love to meet all her Naked Munch pals one day. Till then, give your furbaby a big cuddle and kiss from us, and thanks again for being a part of our Naked Munch community.

P.S. Don’t tell her I snitched, but she naps way too much to be managing anything!

When Tilly is not chowing down on  Naked Munch delights (in moderation of course), you’ll find her:

  • Living her best life with zoomies at the beach
  • Camping and snuggling with my fur parents
  • Watching Star Wars movies with dad (mum doesn’t get it)
  • Sleeping till mid