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Naked Munch Pets

Fish Nuggies | Last Chance

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Sustainably caught FNQ shark chunks coated in cartilage powder.

These lovely little nuggets are a delicious firm crunchy treat ideal for all size dogs.

Why we love shark for dogs:

  • High in Omega 3's which is fab great for the coat, inflammation joints, skin, so it does wonders for your dog from the inside outĀ 
  • Mega low in calories! Which it means a lean snack that is not only tasty but also light on the hipsĀ 
  • High in Chondroitin and glucosamine, a building block of cartilage. Adding these to your dogs diet helps reduce joint pain, stiffness and can assist with osteoarthritis!
  • High in calcium which supports your dogs bone healthĀ 

Note these Nuggies are a harder chewy treatĀ 

Each Nugget is approx 3cm x 2 cm

Approx 15-20 per packĀ