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Naked Munch

Goat Ears | 4 pack

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Suitable for all-sized dogs, fur helps to 'sweep' the digestive system from nasties and also work as a toothbrush to clean teeth. 

A little fur makes for insoluble fibre and together with the ear these chews make a valuable source of manganese which is fab for joints & ligaments. 

Similar to our kangaroo ears, Goats Ears are nice and soft on the outer (because of the fur) but fairly bendy and very chewy.

Please note these ears are 100% natural 

Generally, goat treat is a fantastic alternative for dogs with allergies or dogs that get upset stomachs easily.  The ears mainly contain cartilage and fibre, making it an even more beneficial treat for your pet.

100% natural and size and shape may vary. General size are approx 15g x 15cm