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  • Pork puffs dog treats - Naked Munch Pets
  • Pork Puff dog treats - Naked Munch Pets
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Naked Munch

Pork Bark | Puffed Light Snack

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Pork lung makes an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive tummies. As these are puffed with air, this means a larger treat with less weight and richness of the meat.

  • 100% Australian pork lung
  • Can be broken into smaller piecesĀ for trainingĀ 
  • Lower in calories - higher in natural fatsĀ 
  • Easily digestible for sensitiveĀ tummies
  • More iron than beef so perfect forĀ doggiesĀ with beef allergiesĀ 
  • Hypo-allergenic and a great substitute for dogs with red meat or chicken allergiesĀ 
  • Strong enticingĀ aroma
  • Rich source of essential vitamins and iron to promote energy releaseĀ 
  • No additives. No fillers. No enhancers.
  • Our Naked Munch promise - no nasties ever!


*Like all our snacks, feed in moderationĀ along with a balanced diet and fresh water daily.Ā 

Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 300

Minimum Protein 63%,

Minimum fat 9%