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  • Seafood chews for dogs - Naked Munch Pets
  • Seafood chew for dogs - Naked Munch Pets
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Naked Munch

Mega Seafood Platter | 250g

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Seafood is not only tasty for dogs, it is also a fantastic all rounder in supporting joints, reducing inflammation and supporting heathy skin and shiny coats

This mega 250g packs includes:

Assorted sized flake chews 

Mackerel skin chews 

1 x Shark tail chew 

2 x Mantis shrimps 


Seafood  natural chews are ideal for scraping tartar and massaging gums 

Packed with omega-3 for joint health

Rich in omega-6 fatty acid for heart health, skin and coat support 

Perfect for pets with allergies

Easily digestible for sensitive tummies



Suitable for all size dogs