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Naked Munch

Venison Chunkies | Last Chance

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Here's why Venison Jerky Cubes are the paw-fect treat:

    • Naturally delicious:¬†Your dog will go crazy for the rich,¬†meaty flavour of real venison and a mix of crunchy and chewy
    • Training time made easy:¬†Perfectly bite-sized cubes are ideal for rewarding good behaviour and keeping training sessions engaging.
    • Health-conscious goodness:¬†Lean and low-fat,¬†these treats are great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.¬†Plus,¬†they're packed with protein and essential nutrients.
    • Aussie-made with love:¬†We use only the finest ingredients,¬†sourced and manufactured right here in Australia.¬†You can feel good about giving your dog the best.
    • No nasties:¬†Free from preservatives,¬†additives,¬†colours,¬†and added sugar.¬†Just pure,¬†unadulterated goodness.¬†
    • Long-lasting freshness:¬†Sealed bag keeps treats fresh for up to 12 months.¬†Store out of direct sunlight and under 30¬įC for optimal yumminess.¬†ÔłŹ