What dog breed is best for you?

What dog breed is best for you?

It's that exciting moment when you've made the decision you are ready for the joys of bringing a dog into your family.

So what's next? It can be a nerve racking time to work out which breed is best suited to your home and lifestyle. After all, this is a living breathing being that will depend on you for life.

Taking the time to work out the best dog for you, will mean a  happy life full of tail wagging love and happiness for you both.

There is essentially 7 different types of doggies, so let's check out some examples of each;

  • Sporting
  • Hound
  • Working
  • Terrier
  • Herding
  • Non - sporting
  • Toy

1. Pointers

Part of the Sporting group and bred to locate game, Pointers are very active and alert. Most sporting dogs will require plenty of rigorous exercise and best suited to those with a very active lifestyle


  • Vert well natured loyal dogs who love being around people. They are not aggressive, so a great dog to have kids around
  • These dogs love running and swimming and best suited to a life with outdoor activities
  • So very handsome!


  • Bred to be hunters, these dogs may chase down cats or smaller animals.
  • As Pointers require a lot of exercise, if this is not fulfilled these dogs are likely to bark and chew furniture.

Best suited to an outdoorsy family who love adventures and have a large backyard.

2. Beagle

Part of the Hound Family, Beagles are known for their impressive sense of smell and tracking.

Did you know the white tips of their tale are so their master can locate them on hunting trips!


  • Friendly and sweet with lots of personality
  • Medium size dogs with a sturdy stomach
  • Not super shedders
  • Those gorgeous floppy ears!


  • They are mischievous and stubborn and will search for your treats
  • Super prey and scent driven, do not leave them with cats
  • Do not leave them alone with your garbage - they will go through it!

A great addition to a large relaxed household, Beagles are the ideal dog with other dogs and lots of people

3. Rottweilers

Part of the Working dog group, Rotties are big dogs who love to have a job to do. This means training is really important.

Man standing on pier with his Rottweiler dog hugging and looking at the camera


  • Intelligent and love to work
  • Protective so you'll always feel safe by their side
  • Calm and confident
  • Love kids. Just make sure they get regular training so they don't take over the herd


  • It can be difficult to trust new people, so not ideal for a home with a lot of strangers coming in an out
  • They tend toward resource guarding and sometimes have delayed reactions to issues
  • They shed ALOT

 These dogs need to be in a household committed to dog training. When they receive a lot of training and attention, they can be ideal guard dogs and snuggle buddies.

4. Welsh Corgi

Part of Herding Group. Corgis are 'heelers' and bred to nip at the ankles of livestock to round them up.

Did you know 'Corgi' is Celtic for Dog?

lady holding Welsh Corgi dog in her arms and both smiling for the camera


  • At only 10-12 inches, Corgis are small
  • Great with families, along with other cats and dogs
  • Super intelligent quick learning dogs who love to learn new tricks
  • A sweet and loving personality. That wiggle butt. That smile and those ears!


  • Corgis need a structured schedule so best not to be left alone
  • They might be little but these dogs require lots of attention and exercise
  • They are stubborn, so if thier herding instinct kicks in, they will ignore you
  • They shed A LOT

A Corgi will thrive in a family environment with an attentive schedule that includes them.

5. Poodle

Part of the Non-Sporting group. A diverse breed coming in small, medium and large.

Did you know Poodles actually hail from Germany?


  • Highly trainable and great with tricks and puzzles
  • Their coats are hypoallergenic 
  • They love water
  • A calm disposition and great with other pets 


  • Can get a little high strung, especially when left alone
  • Highly intelligent dogs, they do require a lot of stimulation and training 
  • Easily startled

Best suited to a household that will be dedicated to their training and stimulation. Perfect for people who may have allergies and are wanting a whip smart sensible friend.

5. French Bulldog

Part of the Non-sporting group, Frenchies are the perfect lap dog.

Fact: French build dogs were not designed to swim, so don't bother taking them in the water with you.


  • Just the right size for smaller homes and apartments
  • These dogs would love to just snuggle all day
  • Whilst they do still need exercise, they are not an athletic dog so they do not need big outdoor adventures
  • Great with kids and they look adorable!


  • Like other flat nose breeds, they will issues with breathing and respiratory difficulties
  • They will get separation anxiety if you leave them alone too long
  • Like all Bulldogs, they have sensitive skin which needs extra care

If your looking for a cute couch potato then this is the dog for you. Great with families but prepare for the price tag along with the pricey vet bills.

7. Labrador Retrievers 

Consistently voted on the top of best bred lists, these are sweet and wonderfully natured working dog.


  • Very family friendly with the perfect mix of intelligence and being gentle
  • Super active and have a water resistant coat
  • A loyal companion
  • Excel at activities


  • Like all sporting dogs, they require a lot of exercise and are incredibly active
  • Keep and eye on their food, these dogs will eat ALOT.. and fast!
  • Not your dog if you're looking for a guard dog. You are more likely to get covered in kisses

A great active and patient addition to any family type. Make sure you put in the time and energy for activities and you will have a wonderful loyal companion for life.

We hope these intros have got you on track toward choosing the best dog for you.

Don't forget rescue dogs are just as loving (if not more) than some pure breads.

Check out your local animal shelter first as the next love of your life might just be there waiting for you.. like ours was.

Tilly devine dog with Michelle's husband. Both the man and the dog are wearing plaid matching shirts

Tilly Devine.

Rescued 23rd February 2011







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