Guide: How To Give Your Dog a Nutritional Natural Diet

Guide: How To Give Your Dog a Nutritional Natural Diet

All-Natural Dog Diets: Powering Your Pup from the Inside Out

At Naked Munch Pets we believe in fuelling your dog with real, natural goodness. That's why we recommend diets rich in protein and healthy fats, while keeping starch and carbohydrates low. We focus on minimally processed foods, whether raw, freeze-dried, or gently cooked, to preserve the most bioavailable nutrients for your dog's optimal health.

Choosing the Right Ingredients:

  • Protein Power: Fresh, whole meat sources, including organ meats, should be the star of your dog's diet. Look for grass-fed or free-range options, as these animals often have higher levels of micronutrients that mirror your dog's ancestral prey. Avoid ingredients that say "meat meals," which typically indicate highly processed ingredients lacking in natural goodness.
  • Fuelling with Fats: Grass-fed meats are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. If these aren't readily available, consider marine or plant-based alternatives. Opt for oily fish low in the food chain, like sardines or mackerel, or explore plant sources like hemp, coconut, or flaxseed oil. Be mindful of fish oil's shelf life, as it can become rancid over time.
  • Going Green on Carbs: Ditch the starchy fillers like rice, corn, potatoes, and soy. Instead, focus on green vegetables like spinach, kale, and celery. Finely chop all veggies to mimic the contents of your dog's ancestor's prey and aid digestion.
  • Nature's Micronutrient Mix: Remember, dogs were scavengers! Look for ingredients that resemble their natural foraging finds, like a variety of seeds and herbs. This adds valuable micronutrients to their diet.

Beyond the Bowl: Targeting Chronic Disease

Think of bioavailable foods as the fuel that keeps your dog's engine running smoothly. Minimally processed, nutrient-dense meals empower your furry friend to heal at the cellular level, building strong defences against illness and toxins. Our experience, combined with the latest research, leads us to believe that a diet rich in animal protein, healthy omega-3 fats, moderate fibre, and low carbohydrates can significantly improve your dog's health.

Combating Inflammation and Insulin Resistance

Chronic inflammation and insulin resistance are often linked to many canine diseases. A whole-food, antioxidant-rich diet, low in carbs and high in omega-3 fatty acids, is key. This promotes reduced inflammation and cellular damage, keeping your dog's body healthy.

Every Dog is Different: Understanding Biochemical Uniqueness

Just like humans, each dog is biochemically unique. As science and nutrition knowledge advance, we're better equipped to understand which foods and nutrients work best for your individual canine companion.



A natural diet doesn't have to be an expensive one. By following the above simple guide you can feed your dog well based on your own family shop. 

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