Why Do Dogs Hide Their Treats?

Why Do Dogs Hide Their Treats?

As a dog owner, you may have noticed that your furry friend has a peculiar habit of hiding treats. But have you ever wondered why dogs do this? Whist entertaining and confusing to us, it makes perfect sense to pups.ย 

brown and white dog eating dog treats

1. Instinctual Behaviour

Dogs are descendants of wolves, and their hiding behaviour can be traced back to their wild ancestors. Wolves often bury their food to protect it from scavengers and to save it for later when food is scarce. This instinctual behaviour has been passed down through generations, and even though our domesticated dogs no longer need to hunt for their meals, the instinct remains.

2. Security and Safety

Dogs may hide their treats as a way to keep them safe and secure. By burying their prized possessions, they are ensuring that no one else can take them. This behaviour is especially common in multi-dog households, where dogs may feel the need to protect their treats from their furry siblings. Even with cat and dog homes..like our house.ย 

dog burying treat in hole

3. Scent Preservation

Another reason why dogs hide their treats is to preserve the scent. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and by burying their treats, they are able to keep the scent intact. This allows them to easily locate their hidden treasures when they are ready to enjoy them.

4. Future Snacking

Dogs are known for their love of food, and hiding treats is their way of ensuring a future snack. By burying their treats, they are creating a stash for later. This behaviour is similar to how squirrels hoard nuts for the winter. Dogs are simply preparing for a time when treats may not be readily available.


5. Natural Behaviour

Hiding treats is a natural behaviour for dogs, and it can provide them with mental stimulation. Just like solving a puzzle, burying and finding treats engages their senses and keeps them entertained. It taps into their natural instincts and provides them with a sense of accomplishment.

So, the next time you see your dog burying a treat in the backyard or hiding it under their bed, remember that it's not just a random behaviour. Dogs hide their treats due to their instinctual behaviour, the need for security, scent preservation, future snacking, and the desire for mental stimulation. Embrace this quirky habit and appreciate the fascinating instincts of our canine companions.

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