Why Your Dog Sneezes

Why Your Dog Sneezes

Just like people, dogs get reactions by pollen, dust, perfumes and general products around the house such as cleaning.


If you dog is like is ours and has the odd sneezing fit, perhaps like ours your dog may suffer from hay fever. Fortunately there are plenty of antihistamines options to support your dogs allergies.

Think it may be something else? Check out these other reasons your pet may be sneezing;

  • Many people notice their dogs sneezing when playing.This is literally play sneezing and nothing to worry about. This is particularly common in small dogs and excitement of play time.
  • Whilst sneezing is also a general way of dislodging items from your dogs nasal area, keep in mind a cough is something different.
  • If your pooch is sneezing more regularly this could be a sign of a nasal infection. If your dog has weeping, bleeding or swelling, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible

When should you be concerned?

  • If you notice your dog is making more of a honking sounds of hacking sound, this is not sneezing and could be a tracheal collapse. See your vet straight away.
  • If your dog is sneezing uncontrollably, is lethargic, has loss of appetite or discharge from their eyes, this could be canine influenza. Again, see your vet straight away.

Most of the time dog sneezing is harmless and can even just be cold. You know your dog best, so always keep an eye on their behaviour and of course.. whenever you have any worries, always head straight to your vet.









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